Bolivian Facts

The info below has been taken from wikipedia.

Presidential election -Rerun-to take place 3rd May 2020, see article below for a quick update. This has been postponed due to the current Covid 19 Coronavirus Pandemic.

Capital Sucre (original) La Paz Administrative Capital
Largest city Santa Cruz de la Sierra
17°48′S 63°10′W
Official languages[2]

and 33 other native languages

Ethnic groups(2009[3])
Government Unitary presidential constitutional republic
Jeanine Áñez Chavez  (interim President) from Oct 2019
Legislature Plurinational Legislative Assembly
Chamber of Deputies
Independence from Spain
• Declared
6 August 1825
• Recognized
21 July 1847
• Current constitution
7 February 2009
• 2015 estimate
11,410,651[4] (83rd)