‘Vlog’ Feb/Jan 2019

Hello Family & Friends, we hope and pray 2019 is off to a good start for you!

I have many blog posts in the making (14 to be exact) many of which will never be posted for public viewing. Sometimes I blog for me and my own sanity-like journalling of old!

So, here is our video, on our blog, which I guess makes it a Vlog?  It’s a snapshot of our lives here, unscripted as you will be able to tell,  contra to the advice of our video guy-oh well! Complete with bloopers and outtakes. It’s simple, it’s real, it’s ‘us.’

Thanks for loving, praying for, supporting and joining ‘us’ on this journey!

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Have a great weekend! Lots and lots of love,

Andrew, Lisa, Liliana & Anayah xxoo